Hairstyles for Weddings

Hairstyles for Weddings: Ideas and Looks for brides and guests

Is it getting closer and closer to the date and do not know which wedding hairstyles to wear? Collected, with bun, short, or with braids? The hairstyle is one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating a dream wedding look, whether you are the bride or a guest. Remember that it is advisable to book a previous appointment with the stylist to try out styles, find ideas of hairstyles for weddings that combine with the dress, and thus find the bride or guest look we want to wear. But sometimes there is no time!

Hairstyles for Weddings

Whether the bride, godmother or guest finding the wedding hairstyle is not easy

And choosing the right hairstyle for that special day can be too stressful.

Especially since there are countless options and styles that you can wear in both short hair and long hair. Wedding day or night? Church or civil? Romantic, classic, traditional, relaxed, sophisticated?

To help you with the choice we propose a special hairstyling for weddings that have the perfect balance between elegance and romance.

Get inspired with these ideas, proposals and look of wedding hairstyles!

A wedding is one of the most special events of a woman’s life, so it is so indispensable that brides, bridesmaids and guests look beautiful and radiant.

Hairstyles for weddings: Ideas, tips and styles to look beautiful in your day!
Hairstyles for weddings are beautiful can be simple, beautiful and super elegant.

Animate and find your perfect hairstyle!

How to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle?
For brides, choosing the perfect hairstyle for their wedding day is as difficult as the choice of dress, and that is that there are so many options for styles, looks and hairstyles for which they can choose that they have no idea where to start.

When it comes to choosing the wedding hairstyle it is important to first define the look, dress and accessories that we will use

The easiest way to find the right hairstyle is to define:

The type of wedding: Is it day or night? In a church?
The style we want to look: Is it romantic, traditional, classic, sophisticated, elegant?
The length of the hair
The accessories with which we will complete the look.
Depending on whether you will wear a veil, a tiara or a beautiful bridal headdress you can choose one or the other hairstyles for a bride, since both should complement each other perfectly with the wedding dress.

The dress, the accessories and the length of the hair will determine the type of hairstyle that we can wear at the wedding

If your style is more romantic and you are going to wear a beautiful dress princess cut an excellent option to complete the look are the hairstyles collected as the bows, as they raise the hair and add a super glamorous air.

Elegant hairstyle for wedding

For those who want to highlight their hair, semirecogido hairstyles are your best choice. Well, wearing part of the loose hair with soft waves and a cute flower accessories is super feminine.


If in addition to that, you combine the hairstyle with some braids, you will get more elegance and sophistication.

Wedding hairstyles with braids are becoming more fashionable and make you look elegant. They are the perfect choice!

An idea to look radiant during the whole celebration and surprise the guests is to wear a wedding hairstyle more elegant for the ceremony, and opt for a different hairstyle, perhaps wearing loose hair with a more casual style for the reception of the party or post-wedding session.

Hairstyles for weddings according to hair length
Whether you are the bride, the godmother of the wedding or a special guest, there is no doubt about the importance of wearing a beautiful wedding hairstyle that perfectly complements our bridal look. There are so many styles and looks of hairstyles for weddings that you surely have no idea where to start.

The length of the hair will determine the type of hairstyle for weddings that the bride can wear

Let’s see the different options of hairstyles for weddings that you can choose according to your haircut and personal style that you can make yourself having short hair, long hair or a half mane.

Hairstyles for weddings with short hair
For girls who wear short hair, choosing the perfect hairstyle for a wedding can be more difficult than usual. Unlike average hair or long hair, the possibilities of experimenting and playing with hair are a bit limited. But that does not mean you can not wear a beautiful wedding hairstyle, in fact there are many options.

The hairstyling options for short hair weddings are a bit limited so the secret is to play with the accessories

If you have short hair and you have no idea how to wear it on this special occasion, do not worry!

There are different ways of combing short hair, you just need to have accessories that give a romantic touch to the hair, such as brooches, headbands, rhinestones or flower hooks, they can be natural or artificial.

Let’s see different proposals and ideas of short hairstyles for wedding

pearl crowned wedding hairstyle

Decorated headbands and brooches
By wearing very short hair pixie style, accessories, hair color and makeup get more prominence. That’s why we encourage you to change the tone of your hair or add light by making some wicks in golden, honey or caramel tones.

Hairstyles with tiaras and brooches give a very romantic, innocent and fantasy look

As for the accessories, decide for the big and colorful, or buy flowers of the same color as your dress, or one more eye-catching that complements it.

Picked up with headband
The collected low is an excellent option for those who have short hair almost half hair, as they can make a simpler collection but with a lot of elegance and sophistication. The low picks give that romantic touch to your look that we want to achieve on the wedding day.

hairstyles for weddings with a headband! No matter how short your hair! You can contrive to show off a delicate and cute pickup.

To make a low pick in short hair you should only:
Comb your hair sideways, if you have bangs you can use it on the side that you usually wear it.
Then, make a low line
Wind your hair up, holding it with tweezers or pins and
complete the look by placing a beautiful shiny and striking headband.
The wedding hairstyles with gathered under give a very romantic traditional look and look very elegant

You can pull some strands from the sides in wave forms, if you want something more casual. Do not forget to apply a little fixative spray to seal the hair and go.

Pearl crowned wedding hairstyles

Loose short hair with waves and accessories
Another very flattering option that you can try if your hairstyle is Bob style. You can make some water waves at the tips of your hair for a more romantic look, and add some beautiful accessory or headdress that complements the look.

If the bride has short hair can be encouraged to wear a wedding hairstyle with loose hair for a more modern and feminine look

For a wedding you can also wear loose hair and achieve a beautiful style if you have short hair.

hairstyles for weddings short hair For an outdoor wedding, short hair with waves and accessories in flowers looks simply beautiful.
Hairstyles for medium hair weddings
For girls who have a midi or mid-length haircut, the possibilities of wedding hairstyles are much broader and more varied. This hair length is characterized by reaching up to the neck height, so it allows us to collect and create styles of hairstyles that are almost impossible with a hair.

Hairstyles for half-length weddings can achieve different styles: waves, curls, braids and much more

To the average mane you can make waves, curls and look short, without the need to cut it much. Add twisted details and play with the strands to achieve the most beautiful hairstyles for weddings.

To find the inspiration for your look for ideal weddings, here are some proposals and ideas of medium hairstyles for wedding.

Collected low with braids
The half-length hairstyles collected are always a wise choice for special events such as weddings. But if you also add a nice braid, we will get a charming and extremely elegant hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles with braids give a classic romantic look

To achieve this style of hair in your half mane, you should only take a lock of hair from the front and braid the hair in a French braid.